CAMEO EZ© Web System is a proprietary website system for secure password-protected wholesale e-commerce and content management geared especially for wholesalers.

CAMEO EZ© does not require an IT professional to maintain.  Any staff member can make product changes using online tools and an Excel spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet not only builds your product pages, but also "programs" the shopping cart to take orders exactly like you need them to be taken (minimums, multiples, options, volume discounts, etc.).

Are you a part of the CAMEO EZ© Community?

More than 100,000 registered stores can easily copy their CAMEO EZ© registration information to hundreds of other CAMEO EZ© wholesale suppliers' websites.  Plus, OmegaNet's E-Marketing connects CAMEO EZ© member stores to suppliers, whether CAMEO EZ© websites or not.


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