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About OmegaNet, Inc.

Simply stated, WE INCREASE YOUR SALES! With OmegaNet you have ONE COMPANY that is knowledgeable and experienced in marketing/promotion in the Gift and Home industry, while being professional at web design, web software and E-Marketing and even print advertising.

Since 1997, OmegaNet has been working with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of stores and we are uniquely postioned to work with your company on a wide variety of services to increase your visibility and sales.

Our proven methods of Increasing Your Sales:

Branding, Marketing and Grant Consultation

B2B and B2C Mobile-Friendly Website Development

Increasing Exposure & Traffic Through Marketing and SEO

Marketing Through Email to 80,000 Register Retailers

Listings and Banners on Wholesale-Advertising Portals


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Whether you need to get new customers, drive traffic to an existing website or create a new wholesale website, OmegaNet has plans and pricing to meet the needs of any size company. (Click on a picture below for more information on each service)

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing

OmegaNet offers online as well as traditional advertising and marketing to promote your company. More...

Web Development & Hosting

Web Development & Hosting

OmegaNet's interactive web site solutions can be very economical for those who already have a logo, ad or brochure copy, and product photos. More...

Wholesale & Retail ECommerce

Wholesale & Retail ECommerce

OmegaNet's CAMEO EZ platform was developed from the ground up for wholesalers. More...


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