Wholesale E-Commerce

ECommerce image Wholesale, B2B E-Commerce and marketing has always been OmegaNet's focus since the company's founding in 1997. Our first proprietary web software system was called CAMEO, which was an acronym for "Complete Automated Merchant Electronic Ordering". In 2003, CAMEO EZ© was released and continues today with many improvements, enhancements and upgrades. CAMEO EZ© was written with the wholesale merchant in mind so it has features that most retail e-commerce software doesn't have. Features like:

All features are easily managed from the CAMEO EZ© Admin Console using online forms and/or imported spreadsheets.

Another feature of CAMEO EZ© which serves to help you quickly build your customer base is that stores who are already members of the CAMEO EZ© Community, whether they joined through one of OmegaNet's portals or whether they have registered on another e-commerce website, can copy their registration information to your website with a single click; no need to fill out the registration form for every site. This means that if you use OmegaNet's marketing service to reach new customers, there is no reason not to register on your site and consider ordering your products.

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Retail E-Commerce

The Industry has made a major shift where most wholesale suppliers are now setting up a retail site in addition to a wholesale site. OmegaNet offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Call for a quote.



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