What Our Clients Say about OmegaNet

In the first full week (7 days) of being "live", the wholesale web site has already paid for itself! Many thanks for such a great service!!! I am really excited about the potential.

Karen @ Kiss Me in the Garden

We had an order-writing site before, but when OmegaNet built a site for us, we had more orders in the first three days than in the previous YEAR.

A Tabletop Company

CAMEO EZ©, along with an ad in the GiftsWholesale.Com newsletter and an email blast resulted in orders totalling 6 times the cost of our web site in the first four weeks it was open and 90% of the orders were from new accounts.

Jon @ Channel Craft

We have written more than 5,000 wholesale orders on our web site in about 5 years. We currently write between 60-70 orders a month and 50% of our orders are NEW testimonys. A big surprise was to find that one of our largest online ordering months is July, our busiest gift show time.

John @ Bard's Products

It was easy to set up our web site and it\'s certainly easy to maintain. They're great to work with and always available when we need help.

A Gift Company

We will be writing almost a million dollars of wholesale orders on our web site this year, up 3 times the volume of last year. New accounts represent 35% of our web business.

A Decorative Accessories Company*

We were pleased, yet surprised to find that 1/4 of the web orders came from stores setting up NEW accounts with us.

A Company in General Gifts*

We average 50 orders a month with 50% being first time customers.

Paul @ Magnolia Lane

It's great! We have lots of new customers due to our wholesale web site. We have found that many of our Buyers go to the web site to view the web catalog and assemble their re-order, but then they call the office to place the order.That is just fine with us.

Carol @ Castle Toy

We have received a lot of NEW customers by having this wholesale web site.

A Wholesale Gift Company*

Our product line changes constantly. The web site is the only way to have a current, up-to-date catalog available for our customers and our Sales Reps. We can update the web site daily if we need to.

A Fashion Jewelry Company*

We write wholesale orders daily on our web site.... The OmegaNet sites work wonderfully!

A Wholesale Gift Company*

*When the business owner was not available to approve the use of statements given by their staff the company name has been withheld.


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