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E-commerce Business Strategy

Since 1997, OmegaNet has been working with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of stores and we are uniquely postioned to work with your company on a wide variety of services to increase your visibility and sales.
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US Manufacturer Promotion

Are your products made un the USA?  We promote US manufacturers to retail stores!
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Wholesale Software & Web Development

Our proprietary wholesale website system for secure e-commerce is the preferred method for online ordering by thousands of retailers.
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B2B Marketing

Get your products in front of our list of over 100,000 CAMEO EZ© registered retailers looking to buy your products!
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Digital Advertising

We offer a variety of e-marketing opportunities to drive store traffic to your website, including banners, ads & industry specific newsletters.
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Business Community

Being in this industry for as long as we have, we have strong connections to help get your business thriving in this competitive marketplace.

Success in Every industry

After more than 20 years of working with hundreds of wholesale clients and tens of thousands of stores with e-commerce, we are uniquely positioned to work with your company on a wide variety of services in addition to a wholesale (B2B) ecommerce website.

million dollars in client sales

% Growth year over year

wholesale websites

over $1M generated monthly

Omeganet B2B Consultation

Our proven methods of Increasing Your Sales:

  • Branding, Marketing and Grant Consultation
  • B2B and B2C Mobile-Friendly Website Development
  • Increasing Exposure & Traffic Through Marketing and SEO
  • Marketing Through Email to 80,000 Register Retailers
  • Listings and Banners on Wholesale-Advertising Portals


From Our Clients

Sharing The Love.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the OmegaNet staff got my wholesale website functioning.  With their guidance and the instruction from their videos, I was able to learn how to maintain and update my site.”


Dutch House Caramels

“In the first full week (7 days) of being “live”, the wholesale website has already paid for itself!  I am really excited about the potential.”


Kiss Me In The Garden

“Launching our websites with Omega Net has been, and will continue to be, one of the smartest business moves we have ever made. I am one of your biggest fans and supporters and cheerleaders!”


Under Stella's Umbrella

“We have written more than 5,000 wholesale orders on our website in about 5 years.  We currently write 60-70 orders a month and 50% of our orders are NEW testimonies.  A big surprise was to find that one of our largest online ordering months is July, our busiest gift show time.”


Bard's Products

“OmegaNet has helped me in so many ways.  I can honestly say that my company would not be as successful as it is without their services.”

Marshall Bank


Wholesale Website Design

How Can A Wholesale Website Grow My Business Faster?

How can I expand my network with OmegaNet using Cameo EZ?

Another feature of CAMEO EZ© which serves to help you quickly build your customer base is that stores who are already members of the CAMEO EZ© Community, whether they joined through one of OmegaNet’s portals or whether they have registered on another e-commerce website, can copy their registration information to your website with a single click; no need to fill out the registration form for every site. This means that if you use OmegaNet’s marketing service to reach new customers, there is no reason not to register on your site and consider ordering your products.

What is a wholesale website using cameo ez?

Our first proprietary web software system was called CAMEO, which was an acronym for “Complete Automated Merchant Electronic Ordering”. In 2003, CAMEO EZ© was released and continues today with many improvements, enhancements and upgrades. CAMEO EZ© was written with the wholesale merchant in mind so it has features that most retail e-commerce software doesn’t have. Like: 

  • item minimums
  • order minimums
  • re-order minimums
  • multiples (case packs)
  • volume discounts
  • group pricing


How Do I Know if Omeganet Is Right for Me?

Wholesale, B2B E-Commerce and marketing has always been OmegaNet’s focus since the company’s founding in 1997.  We know the features and needs of the wholesale e-commerce industry and have continuously evolved our software to be able to handle the features that are necessary for your business success.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No. We work with all levels of businesses, even start ups looking for grants and funding to start and expand their businesses.

B2B Marketing

B2b Marketing

One of the most valuable assets to have in the business of online marketing is an email list.  We have built a list of over 100,000 subscribers from every industry over 20+ years. 

We do more than just building wholesale websites that make running your business efficient.  OmegaNet works with you to see your success in bringing your products and solutions to those that are looking for it.

One of the largest challenges in the retail industry as a startup or a business looking to expand, is finding an audience ready to buy!

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Building Brands and Boosting Sales is our top priority and when it comes to our US Manufacturers, we can show you how Your business can be eligible for FREE Money to grow your business!

US Manufacturer Grant Consulting

OmegaNet Inc. is an approved consultant that has helped many US-Made companies find and receive this grant.  By using OmegaNet’s services (that can be paid for by this grant), these companies have been able to radically increase their exposure and sales.

Does Your Company need:


Professional Marketing and Sales Strategy

Take your business to the next level with our professionals by your side.


A Wholesale Website

Where retail stores can order according to your business rules, minimums or specifications.

Brand Refresh

if your business is looking dated and forgettable, it’s time for a revamp people will remember to come back to again and again.

Expand Your Business

Want a retail website, Social Media Management, SEO, PPC Campaigns, Email Marketing?

B2B Grants For Wholesale Websites

Let's Get Started

Take the first step towards better B2B selling. Talk to one of our specialists and get a personalized demo of our B2B eCommerce solutions.


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