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CAMEO EZ© was written with the wholesale merchant in mind so it has features that retail e-commerce software doesn’t have.  When selling wholesale you have an entire set of features and flexibility that are vital to increasing your sales and repeat customers.

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The Wholesale Industry has made a major shift where most suppliers are now needing a retail site in addition to a wholesale site. OmegaNet offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs and support your expansion into the retail world. 

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Email “blast” marketing is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase sales, generate leads, and stay in touch with current customers. We help you create targeted email advertising campaigns to as many as 65,000+ stores that have registered into the CAMEO EZ© system and have opted to receive emails.

Over 20,000 buyers who have registered in OmegaNet’s advertising portals receive a Gift & Home Retailer Newsletter free via email every month. Companies can advertise, be featured in news items or submit a press release.

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B2B Ecommerce Grants


OmegaNet Inc. is an approved consultant that has helped many US-Made companies find and receive this grant.  By using OmegaNet’s services (that can be paid for by this grant), these companies have been able to radically increase their exposure and sales.

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